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The Regatta Pages team is building the next-generation platform for regatta management.

For nearly 2 decades, regatta management software has been stuck in Web 1.0. For the most part, sailing instruments are collecting the same metrics as they have been since the transition to digital. However as small, low-power computing hardware has become commoditized, the opportunity for getting data off the boat, and onto a web-based custom chart is now feasible without complicated setup, wiring, or configuration from the sailor or the race committee.

Through the use of small, inexpensive cellular-capable computers, combined with custom software which enables high-resolution location tracking and efficient data transfer back to the Regatta Pages API, Regatta Pages allows you to watch your races happen in real-time, while also allowing you to view key insights by replaying them after the fact. All of this is available while being competitive in pricing with some spreadsheet-only regatta management programs.

Regatta Pages is currently under active development. We will bring regatta scoring and tracking into the 21st century by using modern web technologies, accessible reactive design. All of this is built on top of a fault-tolerant secure cloud-based infrastructure. It will be simpler to collect more data during your regatta, allowing features such as live tracking, race replays, auto-finish collection, and more to come.

We intend to make a number of these analysis and data collection tools open-source, as well as lowering the price of basic web scoring functionality significantly compared to other platforms.

We are currently in a closed beta and are open to testers. If you're organizing a sailboat race (or more) and are interested in some free regatta management software, shoot me an email at:

Currently, the front-end is SvelteKit, with the backend bits being written in TypeScript running on a Node runtime. Database is Postgres. Currently our email server, internal applications, and CI/CD are being hosted on AWS with production deployed on

Thanks for your interest in Regatta Pages!